About Us

I first became interested in camelids in 1991 while working in the bay area.  A friend owned an alpaca farm in the State of Washington and wanted me to consider purchasing an alpaca.  I thought it would be interesting to learn to spin, create shawls and scarves out of the fiber and let those thoughts pass.  

I initially started out with 4 females and 1 male llama and went to my first llama show called the Hobo Llama Show in Oregon.  It was freezing cold at that show being January but I was excited to be there and delighted to show my llama in halter and obstacle classes & thrilled that he won a ribbon in each class - then I spotted a lady who was walking two of the most beautiful llamas I had ever seen.  They were Argentine??!!  I purchased one within a couple of hours, Kobra's Ranek at 6 months old and went home one happy lady.  I had to wait awhile before purchasing Kobra's Deja Monique.  All I knew was they both have the most incredibly long necks, abundant curly fiber that was soft and different from all the other llamas I had seen and that they were large.  That was the beginning of my Argentine llamas experience.  

Little did I know it was the beginning of an extraordinary time and still is to this day...  there was another llama show I attended and I saw this awesome llama called Kobra's Phantom (ET) and the rest is history as far as the Argentine llamas and me.  Tommy is his nickname & he is one of my main herd sires and one a kind.  

View off our living room deck when we were in Sonora, CA after a snow storm & picture of our Japanese Maples in fall.

 Yosemite Valley