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Female Llamas For Sale

Please call/email with any inquiries.

We are all grown up and for sale!!


Ribbons from 3 consecutive shows, was lots'n lots of fun!!
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All my llamas are registered with the ILR and most have ALSA numbers as I have shown most of them. All llamas are DNA verified and current on vaccinations, shearing, toe nail trims.

Each llama will be sold with a halter and lead. Transportation support will be offered/suggested and if we are going to a Show in the East (Celebration Show, LFA or Nationals) I will deliver to you at a predetermined/agreed place at the show. Please Note: I will not sell a llama to live by itself unless is it a gelding who will be guarding livestock (currently, I have only one & he is a show male) ~~ llamas are herd animals and must have a buddy or they will be most unhappy. Llamas are very intelligent and sensitive & mine are treated as part of the family.

Females offered  ~ Several females to be offered soon.

Isabella SKLL ~ Sold
Phantom's Alexandra SKLL ~ Sold

Giselle LCH (LW Pink Panther x Lundy LCH ~~ DOB 5-2-03)  
Giselle is a tall, medium wool female who is athletic and playful.  Giselle's first cria, looks very much like her, she is an easy birther, and has excellent mothering instincts. Giselle not only took care of her own cria - she also let another cria nurse from her along with her own.

Males offered ~ More males to be offered soon

MacIntyre LCH ~ Sold
Phantom's Viper ~ Sold
Phantom's El Noche Primero SKLL ~ Sold
Don Zunca's Sundance - Sold

Bananna's Antares - selling as a pet although he is a great package in a llama. His fiber is silky, he is a reverse appy.
DOB April 25, 2008  ILR # 275304

Integrity's Kaycee
WSL Peruvian Y2K x Integrity's Layla
DOB  4-07-2008   ILR  275303  ALSA  16530

cria picture (L) yearling (R)

A few of our llamas sold below
Thank you!!

SOLD to John & Deb
Zunca's Sundance SKLL & Phantom's Viper SKLL

SOLD to Andrew & Melissa ~ MacIntyre

SOLD to Jeannie ~ Phantom's Alexandra SKLL

SOLD to Rebecca & Phil ~ Isabella SKLL
& MGF Boca Smoke

SOLD to Zhenna ~ Phantom's El Noche Primero SKLL

SOLD to Zhenna ~ Zunca's Zorro SKLL

SOLD to Rick & Mary ~ Phantom's Anastasia

SOLD Phantom's Natasha SKLL
& her dam Layla



SOLD Lovely Leah


SOLD VL Serafina